Pretty Songs To Smother Your Ugly Babies To

1. Instrumental Monumental
2. Underground Lullaby
3. The Undisturbed Notes of a Space Cadet, or 4 Hours
4. Pale and the Lollipop Bomb
5. Safe Ways
6. Strawberry Rifle (Reflex)
7. Spoiler U.S.M.
8. Blowgun
9. I Prefer Sodomy Over Math
10. Progress on a Blip Screen
11. Sanitarium

All music by Adolf NS, Brian Long, and Carrie Gillespie, except for track 2 (Brian Long/Adolf NS).
Lyrics to tracks 3, 4, and 8 by Adolf NS and Brian Long. Lyrics to 2, 5, 6, 10, and 11 by Adolf NS. Lyrics to 1, 7, and 9 by Brian Long.

Adolf NS: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, accordion, bass guitar, keyboards, percussion, whistle, bell, rubber duckie, bottles, tape recorder, washboard, and foot stomps.
Brian Long: vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, toy piano, percussion, cymbals, nose whistle, epileptic bingo, keyboard noises, metal, and claps.
Carrie Gillespie: vocals, bass guitar, banjo, bowed banjo, keyboard, accordion, percussion, whistle, fish, drum stick, chimes, claps, washboard, broken fan played with screwdriver, and foot stomps.

Layout, design, text, cover photo, etc. by Adolf NS.

Recorded by The Marauding Band of Cut-Throats between 2002 and 2003. Mixed and produced by Adolf NS in 2003.

Previously Unreleased

Tales From The Sea

1. Tales From The Sea

Lyrics by Adolf NS.
Music by Brian Long.

Adolf NS: vocals.
Brian Long: guitar.

Layout, design, text, cover photo, etc. by Adolf NS.

Unfinished track. Originally recorded in 2004. Remixed and remastered from 4-track by Adolf NS in 2016.